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A Soul Illumination Reading is for the sitter who is more advanced in their spiritual journey and is looking for guidance on how to proceed in the realm of Spirit.


In this reading, your mediumship potential will be assessed and blocks identified. Your surrounding energies will also be identified so the sitter has a clear understanding of their gifts going forward so they can begin to co create the life which is the in the highest alignment with source.

1 hour







An Auragraph is considered a type of reading found in the realm of Psychic Art. 

A beautiful psychic reading representing the past, present and future of the client. A watercolor image will be completed during this reading to take home. 

This is a perfect reading for someone looking for a different kind of reading or who has never had a reading before.

Many people take their artwork home and frame it as a lasting memory. It is also a great gift. 

1 hour.



An Oracle Card Reading uses several oracle decks which may depict the clients past present and future. This is a great reading if you are looking for direction for a particular topic or issue or just a general reading to see where you are in time and space.

 1/2 hour



One hour



Energy work Massage/Chakra Balance

This session is a therapeutic massage which blends integrative body work with energy modalities such as Reiki and cranial sacral. Uncover blocks and brings balance back to your body. 

1.5 hour


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