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Living Sacred Soul Oracle Deck​

We are all sacred beings of love and light. This oracle deck and guidebook will bring you on a journey back to your soul essence. A way of remembering who you really are, a living sacred soul.

This 54 card deck will help identify existing energetic patterns and provide direction to progress your souls journey towards the light. By remembering the sacredness of our soul, we connect with our true purpose and divine potential.

This deck is designed to help light your souls path back to the light and to who you really are.

Puchase the Living Sacred Soul Oracle Deck or the Journey of One Soul Activation Deck by clicking on the Buy Now link.


The Living Sacred Soul oracle Deck......a journey back to your soul.

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The Journey of One Soul 
Activation Deck

New in 2024. The Journey of One Soul Activation 44 Card Activation Deck.

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I hope you enjoy working with the Living Sacred Soul Oracle Deck as much as I do! I was surprised once the finished deck arrived how it became the only deck that I work with personally.

I suggest working with a three card spread or just pulling a weekly card if your new to working with oracle decks. I usually pull a new spread every time I notice a shift in energy....that could be weekly but it is usually a bit more spread out.

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