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Weekly Kundalini Yoga Classes. Times vary. 

Sound Immersions available.

Intuitive Coaching

Discovering your Ikigai  can help you connect  with your passions, values, talents and align you with what the world truly needs. This concept is the ultimate blending of the Soul's purpose with serving consciousness itself.

I believe it is our highest honor to incarnate in this physical world to serve humanity. Many of us feel this innate purpose, we just get lost in the idea of who you think  I think  you are.  All of the conditioning we have received through our human experience.....our upbringing, our trauma, and the karma we brought in with us shapes us in a way in which our ability to see clearly becomes challenging. 

No fear, our soul knows the way. In fact, it was our soul which designed this human  plan in the first place. All of it, even what we perceive as the good and the bad. Our Soul knows our purpose and if we connect to our divine essence, we can too. The Soul will lead the way.

My style of intuitive coaching will help you identify blocks which are holding you back and determine ways to discard the cyclic patterning of your life. I also incorporate ancient technology which will help reprogram your mind and help you to release all which is no longer serving you.  This will enable you to become in alignment with not only your true purpose but also which is in the highest vibrational alignment or dharma in this lifetime. 

I pull from many methods including sound, Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, meditation, and a variety of modalities I have mastered over the years working as a Psychic Medium, Bodyworker and Spiritual Teacher. 

My Intuitive Coaching sessions are a perfect invitation to dive deeper after a Soul Illumination Reading. I also offer weekly Kundalini Yoga classes so you may begin to understand this spiritual practice and find for yourself where your resistance to change lies.

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