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Hea​ling Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit

Bodywork and Readings

Click the Book Now button for a full list of services and to book your appointment. 

Bodywork services are now available. For same day appointments, please call or text 608-386-0730.


Book your hour of relaxation with Michelle today. Treat yourself to an add on service such as a facial treatment, energy work, hot stones, cupping, or sound therapy session.  

All sessions include complimentary hot towels, foot wraps and naturally sourced products. Same day appointments are available​. Call or text 608-386-0730.


Oracle Reading

Using an oracle deck spread this reading will give clearer picture of where you are in time and space by identifying what energies are present. 

1/2 hour


One Hour


Soul Illumination Reading

In this reading, your present energy and your surrounding energies will be identified in the past present and future. Space will be held so blockages can be processed. The sitter will have a clear understanding of their gifts going forward so they can begin to co create the life which is in the highest alignment with source. 

1 hour.


Auragraph Reading

A beautiful way of giving a psychic reading representing the past, present, and future of a client. Auragraphs have been called an artistic diagram of the human aura. An Auragraph is done on the psychic level from the client's aura and is translated into the form of a watercolor picture to take with you.

1 hour


I couldn't be more pleased with the Spiritual Assessment (Soul Illumination Reading) I received from Michelle. It was a true growth experience. You will be seen--not just seen in the moment but understood on your distinct path that is made up of where you've been, where you are, where you can go. The experience is nourishing and calming. Michelle explores the facets of your spirit and the way they connect as you move into illumination and peace. It's an experience you will take with you and which is likely to have a profound effect.

Christina M.

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