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Hea​ling Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul


Bodywork and Readings

371 Diagonal Street

Soul Illumination Reading

In this reading, your present energy and your surrounding energies will be identified in the past present and future. Space will be held so blockages can be processed. The sitter will have a clear understanding of their gifts going forward so they can begin to co create the life which is in the highest alignment with source. 

1 hour.



Chakra Balance

This sessions blends integrated massage modalities with energy work for the purpose of balancing our chakras or energetic vortexs within our body. A variety of energy and frequency based modalities may be used including tuning forks, Reiki, and cranial sacral techniques. 

90 minutes


Image by Chris Jarvis

Integrative Massage

 Bodywork can be booked in 30, 60, or 90 minute sessions.


Additional upgrades include

Hot stones


Facial services

Sound Bath

   Click the online scheduler to see the full list of services and availability. 

One Hour


90 Minutes


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